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ELMED™ has comprehesive servicing capability on the sophisticated medical equipments. ELMED™ USA Medical Systems is a privately held American medical equipment manufacturer company.

The company focus on developing high quality and cost effective devices for Stone Management Treatment. Our Vibrolith and Vibrolith PLUS lithotripsy devices have been approved by FDA and are offered, serviced and distributed in the USA by our authorized distributor in Florida.

ELMED™ manufactures other highly efficient medical equipments and advanced products that include extracorporeal shockwave lithotripters (ESWL), C-Arms, Fluoroscent Treatment Tables, Urology Chairs and ESWT devices.

With installations at numerous clinics and hospitals worldwide, ELMED™ has proven record for its ability to deliver high performance products and develop solutions that meet specific user requirements, while at the same time, ensuring high quality reliable service and cost effectiveness. The entire range of products complies with international standards including quality assurance system; EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. The products are manufactured with CE mark in accordance with Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC), which are certified by European notify body TUV.

Our Products​

ELMED™ Avicenna Roboflex ™

Flexible Ureterorenoscopy (FURS)

Avicenna Roboflex™ Provides protection for endoscope, precision for the stone treatment, ergonomics for the surgeon. Innovative robotic solution for flexible ureteronoscopy. The Avicenna Roboflex™ remotely controls all the functions of any flexible ureteroscope such as rotation, deflection, insertion and retraction.

The Avicenna Roboflex™ prevents surgeon fatigue while they manipulate the ureteroscope in a sitting position, outside the radiation field. The laser fiber can be moved into proper position remotely, from the console touch screen. Software prevents firing of the laser unless it is properly outside of the ureteroscope. This function pretects the scope from laser damage and prologns the life of the scope.

The irrigation flow is also adjusted from the touch screen, including the ability to reform low-pressure flushing. The tip of any flexible ureteroscope can be accurately positioned due to precise rotation and deflection. In addition, the scope can be fixed in position, allowing continuous access to target.


Lithotripsy Systems

ELMED™ introduces compact ESWL system, Complit™, equipped with the MOVABLE Iso-centric shock wave head, which enables user to change the angle of the shock wave head without changing the focal point. This allows the user to choose ideal shock wave coupling angle in order to increase the effectivity of the treatments.

With this special feature, Complit provides flexibility for users and comfortable treatment for patients for different treatments. Without changing the patients’ position from flat to prone on the table, the shock wave head can be placed under table position for ultrasound localization and above table position for urethral stones.

Due to its compact and computerized structure, Complit™ can easily localize the stone precisely by using specially designed U-Arm fluoroscopy unit, Lithoarm™ or any standard C-Arm unit and computerized automatic ultrasonic localization robot arm, Lithoarm™.

This is a new feature for the lithotripsy units and a prerequisite for being new generation equipment.

Complit™, with its compact structure, is specially designed and developed as a combination of urological table and lithotripsy unit.

Complit™ presents the complete solution to the lithotripsy world.


Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

ELMED™ Multimed Classic™

Modular ESWL System

Multimed Classic™ is modular ESWL system, which consists Main unit and a specially designed motorized urological table with radiolucent top, which enables to make all endourological operations under fluoroscopy.

Multimed Classic™ enables users to localize the stones by using either specially designed U-Arm fluoroscopy unit, LithoscopeTM or any standard C-Arm unit as well as computerized automatic ultrasonic localization robot arm, Lithoarm™.

The Hi-Tech ultrasonic localization system with computerized articulated robotic arm provides automatically localization of kidney stones including the low density and non opaque stones.

Multimed Classic™ system includes first ever Dynamic Patient Record System (DPRS) software for recording and statistical reporting which enables user to keep all necessary data of patient during the course of the treatment. With this feature, there is no need to enter the records of patient on the separate environment.


Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

ELMED™ Multimed EM™

Electro-Magnetic Shock Wave Lithotripsy System

ELMED™ Vibrolith™

Electro-Pneumatic Lithotripter

Vibrolith™ is an electro-pneumatic lithotripter. It works under the principle of a bullet, accelerated by a compressed air with a steel probe. This probe transmits the impact energy to calculi. By this electro-pneumatic ballistic energy only the calculi is disintegrated, there is no effect on tissue.

Since only compressed air pulses in the source of impact effect, no heat is exposed. Therefore, there is neither risk of any thermal injury on tissue nor destruction on optics of endoscopy.

There is no electrically driven operation except the control box. With this feature any electrical hazard on either operator or patient prevented by means of electrical isolation of whole system.

Standard Accessories

ELMED™ Vibrolith Plus™

Intracorporeal Ultrasonic PLUS Pneumatic Lithotripter

Vibrolith Plus™ is intracorporeal ultrasonic PLUS pneumatic lithotripter. Ultrasonic Lithotripsy is widely used for disintegration and suction of urinary stones for many years. The pulverization effect during disintegration and suction of stone particles during the operation are the advantages of this method. Therefore ultrasonic lithotripter has a marvelous performance on the on the soft stones.

On the other hand, pneumatic lithotripsy is accepted as the most powerful and fastest method. All kinds of stones can be fragmented easily by pneumatic lithotripter. Vibrolith Plus™ combines these two methods in a single device and enables to user to operate these two methods simultaneously by using advantages of both methods.


Standard Accessories

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